We all have a skill that no one else has, a special talent that is waiting to be explored and embraced.

Skill Insight Sweden has the right services and methods to support you through the process of discovering what makes you unique and provide you with powerful tools that open the doors of amazing opportunities for
self-development and personal mastery.

What would happen if you provide nourishment to your thoughts?

What would happen if you do not strive to be someone else than the best version of yourself?

Our Vision

We are the committed partner that thrives spreading unique solutions for personal development and contribute with the platform where evolution starts with awareness.

Our Mision

Enpower with deep insight and inspiration people´s true potential discover as key assets of society and role models of future generations.

Our Culture

Our culture is shaped by our core values.

We believe in the power of authenticity and awareness.

The power of authenticity encourages to embrace the genuine uniqueness we all have while elevating each other.

The power of awareness leads to find meaningfulness in what we do to evolve together



When you are aware of your current situation, you know what you need to focus on to set up relevant goals to enrich your  journey of discovery. You will then unlock your powerful greatness and growth


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"I was recommended by a friend to try coaching with Cristina at Skill Insight Sweden and I am so grateful that she did. Every session I walked away with so much more energy, clarity and motivation to make the changes that I wanted and needed in my life. Her smile and positive energy is so infectious and she repeatedly helped me think outside of the box.

Many objectives that I felt were ’unreachable’, ‘too difficult’, too this, too that (excuses) Cristina was able to help me break them down to the point that I was suddenly empowered to take control.

Thank you very much!”

Alexa T.